Review: RESTful Web Services With Dropwizard

Packt publishing has published the book: RESTful Web Services With Dropwizard written by Alexandros Dallas.


Dropwizard is a Java Framework for create REST Web Services using technologies such as: Jersey, Jackson, JDBI, Jetty and Hibernate.


The topics of each chapter are not analyzed so deeply and such as the author writes on 14th page. this book don’t gives complex introductions to the basic REST Services concepts, this book is focused on users with a minimal or medium knowledge about Web Services and SQL/MySQL technologies.

The book guides through the creation of a Demo REST Service and at the same time gives a precise explanation about each concept introduced in each chapter.

In each step through Demo REST Service creation the book has two sections: HOW TO DO IT and HOW IT WORKS, in first section we can see step by step how to add code, necessary modifications and how to use new introduced features. in second section, book details each code block, why is necessary and its utility into the demo REST Service. Also there is various steps that include a section titled: THERE IS MORE… in this we can get an extra information about the current topic, other examples and use cases or links to external sites with information about the current topic.

Chapters 1st to 4th.
Features an introduction to Dropwizard, describes how to create and configure a dropwizard application, Paths configuration and Resources Creation. In resume those chapters explain the creation of a very basic Dropwizard application.

Chapter 5th.
Introduces Representation Clases (Entities) for receive and deliver objects from our services in JSON format through Jackson technology.

Chapter 6th.
Explains the dropwizard-jdbi module. How to create database connections and Data Access Objects (DAOs) to query objects from databases and its integration with the Demo Service.

Chapter 7th.
Shows how to validate requests in dropwizard, validate strings length, formatting of data etc.

Chapter 8th.
Introduces the dropwizard-client module. Which allows using Jersey or Apache HTTP Client to consume REST Services. This chapter describes how to create a client for the Demo Service.

Chapter 9th.
Describes the HTTP Basic Authentication in Dropwizard. and finally …

Chapter 10th.
Introduces the dropwizard-views-mustache module to create some views for the REST Service Client.

The book includes two appendixes, the first explains how to create tests with JUnit for Dropwizard Services. The second shows how to deploy Dropwizard applications in production environment.

In conclusion, RESTful Web Services With Dropwizard book, benefits mainly to all those who have a basic knowledge about Web Services and need to create an application delivering and consuming resources through dropwizard framework. The demo service created through book’s chapters can be useful as a start point to create custom services.

Such as I write above, this book is very useful as an introduction to the Dropwizard Framework, however, if you need to create a robust and complex service, you’ll need extra information, you can use this book and the official documentation as a start point or search by another titles specialized on particular Dropwizard Topics to go on.



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